POLICE are warning people that they can go to jail if someone they are with commits a serious crime using a knife.

Under joint enterprise law, if your presence, knowledge or actions lead to a serious crime such as murder you too could be charged with murder.

This means that it is not just the person who uses a knife that could be charged with murder, it could be anyone who was with them, or knew or did something which led to it happening.

As part of their four week knife surrender campaign, officers from Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are urging people to think about the types of people they are associating with and the potential trouble they could get into.

Chief inspector Sharon Cannings said: "Everyone is responsible for the choices they make. If you know someone is carrying a knife, you can make the choice to report it to the police.

"That choice could be the difference between life and death, the difference between you going to prison or not.

"Make the right choice. If you're concerned about someone carrying knife then tell the police.

"If you're worried about this ruining your friendship with that person then ask yourself the question do I want to be friends with type of person who carries a knife?"

Anyone concerned that someone is carrying a knife, call the police on 101.

If it is an emergency call 999.