CAMPAIGNERS from Save the Alex have started a petition which aims to force health authorities into revisiting a rejected option for the future of services at the Alex Hospital.

They want Option 2 to be properly explored. This option, which was the one local MPs and campaigners strongly supported when it was announced, was that an alternative provider, such as University Hospitals Birmingham , manages services at the Alex, with Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust continuing to run services in Kidderminster and Worcester.

Campaigners believe this would be the best option to help retain vital services at the Alex.

Following a Freedom of Information request, it was recently revealed that during the review process, information was not passed between UHB and the trust, so UHB could not look into the viability of option 2 further.

Neal Stote, chairman of Save the Alex, said: “Residents and our local MPs supported the Birmingham option being worked out, this never happened. 

“The current proposals give one option that is a short term fudge and will see further change/cuts within three years, this is bad for our hospital and bad for our town in the long term. 

“ All I am requesting is an open, honest review of all options that was promised to us, and an open and honest public consultation to follow that gives real choice.”

The petition reads: Secretary of State Health Jeremy Hunt. Order a repeat of the clinical review of the options for the re-configuration of hospital services within Worcestershire, including a fully worked up option 2.

People can sign it at