THE Safer Roads Partnership in Warwickshire and West Mercia is launching a new mobile speed enforcement site in Silver Street, Wythall in direct response to concerns raised by local residents about the speed of vehicles travelling through the area.

The new site launches this week and forms part of the Safer Roads Partnership’s Community Concern programme, which responds to community requests for speed enforcement. Local residents raised their concerns through Wythall Parish Council, who then brought it to the attention of the partnership and asked for action to be taken.

The speed limit along Silver Street is 30mph but speed data collected in the area has highlighted a significant speeding problem.  Nearly 80 per cent of traffic travelling through is exceeding the 30mph speed limit, with 15 per cent of drivers travelling over 41mph.

Vicki Bristow, communications manager at the Safer Roads Partnership, said “We are launching this community concern site in Wythall to address the high level of concern from the local community.

Speed data collected earlier this year shows that there is a problem which we hope can be addressed by enforcement.

"The presence of a speed camera will hopefully encourage drivers to change their behaviour and drive at a lower, safer speed improving the safety and quality of life for those that live in the local area.”

Pat Harrison, clerk to Wythall Parish Council said: "Wythall Parish Council welcomes any action that will slow the traffic down on this very busy residential road - something we have been striving for over several years and we hope that enforcement will help to reduce the speeds and improve the safety for our residents and users of our roads.”

Speed data will be collected while the site is in operation to assess the impact upon traffic speed and driver behaviour.