SEVERN Trent Water’s work to help to make Redditch’s water supply more reliable is now complete.

The £160,000 investment to replace water pipes in Greenlands Avenue, Auxerre Avenue, Studley Road and Woodrow North, will reduce the amount of bursts and leak in the area.

Jonathan Tait, from Severn Trent, said: "A lot of the water pipes in the area had been serving the community for many years.  This means they had become old and prone to bursting, which can interrupt our customers’ water supply.”

In total, 730 metres of new water pipes have been laid to replace the old ones.  That’s almost enough pipes to stretch the length of 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools.  Although some temporary traffic lights had to be used to carry out the work safely, any disruption was minimised by Severn Trent working closely with the community and Worcestershire County Council.

Mr Tait explained that customers in Redditch will benefit in the long-term, and said: “We’re sorry if the work to replace the water pipes caused any disruption.

"However, now they’ve been replaced with brand new, stronger pipes, our customers should have a more reliable water supply than before.  The work has only taken a short time, but the benefits should be felt for years to come.”