POLICE are investigating burglaries in Redditch and Bromsgrove.

A house in Redditch was broken into after offenders carried a pallet across the road and used it to climb up to a window which they completely removed.

The Redditch incident took place between 12.30am and 6.40am yesterday, (May 15), in Vicarage Crescent.

Detective Constable Mark Lazenby said: “The offenders used a pallet from the house opposite as a sort of stepladder to get to the attacked window so we would like to hear from anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious in that area during the early hours.

“They completely removed the window frame but nothing was stolen.”

The Bromsgrove burglary happened at a ground floor flat in sheltered accommodation in Shenstone Close between 2.30am and 6.45am on Wednesday, (May 14).

Detective Constable Tony Flannagan said: “The offender stood on a plant pot and reached in through an insecure small window to open a larger window, enabling them to climb in and steal jewellery worth about £500.

“The victim is a vulnerable man who was very distressed by the burglary.

"The jewellery belonged to his mother and is of great sentimental value and we are appealing for information which could help us capture this callous offender or recover the jewellery.”

Police said that while the offences were not linked, they demonstrated the variety of methods burglars used to get into homes.

As well as pallets and flower pots, burglars also climb on bins and garden furniture.

Householders are advised to lock away any ladders, in a secure shed or garage.

House to house inquiries have been carried out at both locations.

Anyone with information is asked to call non-emergency number 101 and ask for DC Lazenby for the Redditch burglary, quoting incident 77-s-150514, or DC Flannagan for the Bromsgrove burglary, quoting incident 72-s-140514.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.