A REDDITCH man who carried out an unprovoked attack outside a night club, knocking out his victim's teeth and leaving him with permanent scars, has been granted bail.

But Gavin Butters was warned by a judge at Warwick Crown Court to expect to be going to prison following the preparation of a pre-sentence report on him.

Butters, 25 of Aldington Close, Redditch, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm on Alexander Pitts during the incident in Stratford in September last year.

He entered his plea on the basis that he had been subject to provocation, but prosecutor Aliya Rashid told the judge: “We say there was no provocation.”

She pointed out that in his statement Mr Pitts said: “We were walking together to go to the Kasbah and I was struck and went to the ground where I was repeatedly punched and kicked to the face.”

And Recorder Benjamin Gumpert observed that as a result, Mr Pitts lost teeth and has got permanent scars.

At the request of Laura Culley, defending, he agreed to adjourn the case for a pre-sentence report.

Recorder Gumpert initially indicated that he would be remanding Butters, who also admitted a common assault on another man during the incident.

Applying for bail, Miss Culley said that Butters has a full-time job, to which he commented: “On the face of it, that’s going to come to an end either today or in a month’s time.

“But on the basis that he will be able to provide some compensation from his earnings between now and then, I will grant him bail.”

But he warned Butters: “The man who you assaulted has lost his teeth and is gong to have permanent scars and needs some serious medical intervention.

“Unless something really unusual can be said on your behalf, you will almost inevitably be going to prison for this.

“Only a month before you committed this offence a period of suspension for a similar offence had come to an end. The near inevitable result is that you will be going to prison.”