A REDDITCH man entered his grandmother's home without her knowledge and stole £25 from the pocket of her body warmer, a court was told.

Gary Horgan was a regular visitor to her sheltered home in Rowan Crescent but he was spotted by neighbours when he was seen leaving by a window.

Horgan, aged 33, of Felton Close, Redditch,  was jailed for 12 months at Worcester Crown Court after pleading guilty to burglary.

He had been seen hanging about the home on December 21, said Michael Conry, prosecuting. Neighbours became suspicious when they saw him climbing out of a window.

His grandmother did not know that money had been taken. He told police that he spent it on tobacco and a breakfast.

Daren Semat, for Horgan, said he had an undiagnosed mental illness. He had been a dutiful grandson and had done jobs like cutting the lawn.

Judge Michael Cullum said Horgan had eight previous court appearances, and that the kindness shown by his grandmother over the years had been repaid by the burglary.