WORCESTERSHIRE County Council's Choose how you move project in Redditch is committed to improving the state of subways and safety within the town by helping to fund the post of a new roadway arts officer.

Mark Thomas, a former inspector for West Midlands Police, was recently appointed as Redditch Council's roadways arts officer with responsibility for improving the various underpasses and bus shelters in the town.

Mr Thomas has an additional remit to consider options that may make it more pleasant and likely that the community will use those facilities.

Drawing on this 30 years' experience in the police force, Mr Thomas will also look to create natural surveillance to increase public safety during the day and night, by upgrading light bulbs in street lighting, reducing boundary fence heights along paths and clearing areas immediately adjoining paths of high foliage.

Mr Thomas said: "I am delighted to start work on this important community project which will help to reduce crime, and to encourage and empower the community to confidently cycle and use foot routes round Redditch."

Over the coming months, local schools and community groups will be contacted for input into the creative side of the project to help steer and influence the artists' finished product.

For more information, call the Redditch community safety department on 01527 64252 ext 3418.