A NEW community orchard in Morton Stanley Park has received funding from Redditch Round Table to expand its range of fruit trees.

Impressed by the recent efforts of pupils from Walkwood Middle School and St Luke's First School, which established the orchard, Redditch Round Table vowed to donate cash to buy another 20 fruit trees, including plums, cherries and damsons.

In co-operation with Headless Cross Community Orchard the schools began planting apple and pear trees at the community orchard as part of National Tree Week, a project aimed at encouraging children to get involved in growing fruit trees

Dave Bush, from Redditch Round Table, said: "Their commitment to starting an orchard in Morton Stanley Park was outstanding, so we welcomed their request to widen the appeal with different types of fruit trees.
"It will be a wonderful resource for these children in the future, and their children."

With more than 30 apple and pear trees already planted, the latest selection of trees will include cherries, plums (including local varieties Warwickshire Drooper, Pershore Purple and Yellow Egg), damsons and greengages.

Varieties of apple and pear planted include Lord Hindlip, Pitmaston Pineapple, King Coffee and Catshead.

Mr Bush added: "Come along this Saturday, help plant a tree and see the kind of local project that Round Table supports."

Volunteers can help plant the trees this weekend Saturday, February 8.

Families are welcome to attend and help with planting, which starts from10am onwards finishing at 1pm.

The group will be meeting near the skate park in Morton Stanley Park from 10am.

For more information, visit  the Headless Cross Community Orchard group website