THREE Worcestershire teenagers punched, kicked and stamped on a man in a violent attack which eventually killed him, a jury heard.

Colin Mahon, now aged 18, of Albert Road, Halesowen, Adam Haylor, also now aged 18, of Astley Close, Redditch, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named, all deny the manslaughter of Nigel Shakespeare while on a night out in Redditch in February last year.

A jury at Worcester Crown Court on Monday, January6, heard that Mr Shakespeare and his partner, Jacqueline Cull, had been drinking at the Kings Arms pub in St George's on the night of February 23.

As they were walking home just after midnight, they passed a group of teenagers at the junction of Sillins Avenue.

Gareth Walters QC, prosecuting, said Haylor had insulted Mr Shakespeare as they walked past, and when Mr Shakespeare turned and asked who had said it, the 17 year old and Mahon led him into the middle of the road.

Miss Cull stopped an "aggressive" Haylor from joining them initially, but he got away from her and joined in as a fight broke out, Mr Walters added.

He said the 17 year old delivered the punch which knocked Mr Shakespeare out.

He hit the back of his head on the ground, fracturing his skull and causing a bleed on the brain which caused his death just hours later.

Mahon was also involved in the fight, throwing punches at Mr Shakespeare along with his co-defendants before the final blow landed, Mr Walters added.

He said two other teenage boys who were there at the scene stopped Mahon and the 17 year old from continuing to kick Mr Shakespeare once he was on the floor.

But he said Haylor was "unsatisfied with his part in the fight" and stamped on Mr Shakespeare's head when he was unconscious and was already dying.

Haylor also faces a second charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.

"This was a needless fight, fuelled by alcohol, which had the tragic consequence that a man died," he said.

"Haylor started the incident by verbal abuse, and when Mr Shakespeare reacted to that, all three defendants played a part in his death."

He said the 17 year old had delivered the fatal blow, but the actions of Haylor and Mahon - both verbally and physically - encouraged him.

"They were all quite prepared to join in the fight which led to his death."

He told the jury Haylor and the 17 year old both claim they acted in self defence, while Mahon denies any involvement at all.

All three teenagers were granted conditional bail.