National breast cancer charity Walk the Walk has provided the funding for all new scalp cooling equipment in Garden Suite at the Alexandra Hospital, Redditch.

Scalp cooling is an effective method of minimalizing hair loss for chemotherapy patients. For many chemotherapy patients, losing their hair can be devastating and has an impact not only on themselves, but also their families.

The machines supplied by Walk the Walk, have achieved some wonderful results. Many people have reported their hair loss was so minimal, using the machines enabled them to ‘just feel normal’ while undergoing treatment.

Scalp coolers work by placing a silicone cap, connected to a small refrigeration unit on the patient’s head prior to receiving the chemotherapy drug. The machine reduces the temperature of the scalp restricting the amount of blood reaching the hair follicles. This protects the hair follicle from the effects of the concentrated chemotherapy drugs carried in the blood stream and increases the chance of retaining the hair.

Fay Lanham, lead oncology nurse for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We are extremely grateful to Walk the Walk for providing us with this new scalp cooling equipment.

“We hope it will help further improve results for our patients.” 

Walk the Walk aims to put scalp coolers in hospitals throughout the UK, including training for staff and maintenance and as a result enable all cancer patients to have the equal opportunity and choice to receive a treatment that can make a beneficial difference to how well they manage their treatment.

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