STUDENTS at Kingsley College are taking advantage of a newly refurbished library.

There are three new “zones” in the new-look library, where students can make use of the computers, a work space which is now regularly used by staff and students, and a reading area with comfortable seating.

The school has placed a huge emphasis on reading in the last 12 months and all students are encouraged to read as much as possible.

Kindles are also a new addition to the refurbished library, with students able to request books and loan them on the popular e-readers. This is proving to be a popular method of reading for students and there is a waiting list for the 10 new Kindles that are being prepared to go out on loan.

A school spokesman said: “The use of the library by the students has increased by more than 55 per cent recently and is particularly popular before school, at break times and at lunch times.

“This increased interest in books and the emphasis on reading for success has seen a dramatic increase in the reading ability of the students across the school.

“National data from a research in November 2012 suggests 15-16 year olds across the country have an average reading age of 11. The average reading age of students at Kingsley is now just beyond 13 years, placing them in an advantaged position to succeed at GSCE level.”

The spokesman added: “We are very proud of the progress our students are making and hope to report on further success in the summer examinations, helped by our emphasis on reading.”