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BOOKS: As fans chuckle over Les Dawson's Joke Book, taken from previously unpublished notes and diaries kept by the late, great comic, his widow Tracy and daughter Charlotte talk about continuing his memory 20 years after his death, how Charlotte is following in her father's footsteps, and why moving from the family home they shared with the iconic comedian was so difficult.

CELEBRITY INTERVIEW: He's the hot Scot who's taken Hollywood by storm, and now Gerard Butler's starring in a feel-good romp called Playing For Keeps, which is released on Tuesday, January 1. He talks about his reputation as a ladies' man, whether he's feeling broody and why you'll never catch him in a VIP bar.

GARDENING: Tips on how to plan design changes for your garden - plus, find out what else needs doing in the garden this week.

HEALTH: In 2012 zumba and military-style boot camps were big news - but a whole host of new exercise crazes are set to hit the UK in 2013. Here's a round-up of some of the key fitness trends coming to gyms near you.

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