A NURSE practitioner in gastroenterology at the Alexandra Hospital has been presented with the regional Ann Barson Award - Gastroenterology Champion and Innovator.

This a regional accolade that is presented annually from the Midland Gastrointestinal Nurses Society (MGNS) named after Sister Ann Barson, the first nurse to take on the challenge of performing endoscopies in the UK in 1994.

The award is about how healthcare professionals change practice to improve patient care.

The award was given in recognition for Helen’s Livett’s drive and determination for developing her work within the field of gastroenterology.

Having completed three years of chairing the MGNS, recruitment to the British Society of Gastrointestinal Nurses’ Association committee and as chair for the local Nurse Endoscopist Forum, she is in touch with the latest developments for nursing within gastroenterology and ensures she can help apply best evidence and safest practice for patients across the Midlands.

The award-winner said: “It is a great honour to receive this award. In my opinion endoscopy procedures have changed for the better over the years and I’m proud that I have been able to be part of this process. Patient care, safety and comfort is a priority in any healthcare setting and with recent developments in endoscopy the sharing of good practice and learning about best evidenced based care is paramount to improving care.

“Developing mechanisms by which this practice can be shared is a passion of mine and enhances the patient experience when changes are implemented within our own work environment. As endoscopy services expand and improve further I look forward to being part of the team providing this care to patients.”

The MGNS is a thriving, well established regional group. The aim of the group is to advance nursing within the specialities of gastroenterology and endoscopy, as well as fostering friendship and networking amongst those with an interest in this area.