TORRENTIAL rain and high winds have caused havoc at a local animal sanctuary.

Two weeks ago, storms tore metal sheets off the barn roof at the Farm Animal & Bird Sanctuary at Tardebigge where rescued sheep and goats are kept.

“It was horrendous,” said sanctuary manager Maureen Lawless. ”The wind just lifted the roofing sheets which came spinning down into the field leaving gaping holes.

“Part of the roof was already fragile and couldn't withstand such a beating. Water just cascaded down and was a sea of mud.

Luckily our animals huddled under what remained of the shelter and none were injured.”

A total of 40 bales of much needed-hay were saturated and are now unusable, and the floor of the barn is still covered with mud.

Miss Lawless added: “It is urgent to restore the roof before more damage can be done. The cost has been estimated as over £2,000 minimum, plus replacing the hay - the cost of which is escalating.

“It is going to be another huge struggle to get our animals safely through the winter and any donations would be greatly appreciated.”

The address is Farm Animal and Bird Sanctuary Trust, Stoney Lane, Tardebigge, Bromsgrove B60 1LY, telephone 01527 870613 and the website is

As well as monetary donations, the sanctuary’s charity shop in New Road, Rubery, would welcome clothing, in any condition, along with furniture, books,s hoes and any unwanted household equipment.