TWO county councillors are launching a trial bus gate scheme in Redditch town centre, which will mean that residents will have access to the bus lane in Church Green West.

Councillor Jane Potter and Councillor Brandon Clayton have acted on requested from Redditch residents, who are having to take long detours to get from one side of the town centre to the other, and opened up the bus lane to provide a way through between Easemore Road and Church Green.

Coun Potter, said: "We have been working on this project for over three years and although the opening is only a trial for 12 months we do hope if it is successful we can look to make it permanent "

The bus gate scheme will be running for a trial period of 12 months in a bid to reduce accidents, slowing down traffic with two sets of speed bumps known as speed cushions being put to use, one on Unicorn Hill, and one on Church Green West.

Coun Clayton added: "The residents at the local PACT meeting asked for our assistance to open the road up. We are pleased that our residents can now drive to the shops or doctors' surgeries without a huge detour."

Work on the scheme is due to commence on Thursday, December 6.