FREDDIE Starr says he has hit rock bottom after being told he can no longer be alone with his children.

The comedian, who was arrested earlier this month as part of the ongoing Jimmy Savile inquiry has been banned from being left alone with his own children by Warwickshire social services while the case is ongoing.

Mr Starr, 69, from Studley, was arrested by detectives from the Savile abuse investigation team on November 1 on suspicion of sexual offences with a 14-year-old in Savile's BBC dressing room forty years ago.

He has denied the claims and has said that the investigation, as well as the ban, is making him feel suicidal.

Warwickshire social services has ordered he can only spend time with his children when his fiancee Sophie Lea, 34, is present.

Mr Starr was bailed earlier this month and has not been charged with any offence.

He is the second person arrested as part of the investigation following the arrest and bail of former pop star Gary Glitter.

It comes after hundreds of abuse allegations have been made against Savile.