Technology has changed every aspect of our lives. In a relatively short space of time, we’ve seen our work and leisure time completely transformed, it’s hard to imagine life without our almost surgically attached mobile, blackberry or iphone.

Looking back 30 years ago when I started my business, communication was so much slower and rather genteel... letters all had to be sent by post, phone calls were made from landlines, records were kept manually… now everything is instantaneous.

Many of us have become Twittering, Skyping, email junkies, it can be difficult to abstain from the obsessive need to constantly check our emails! Remote working offers us the ‘freedom’ to work from home, on the train or anywhere we like, the difficulty is switching it all off….. dumping the gadgets and clearing the mind, something we all need to do occasionally.

How we ever found our way to meetings without Sat.Nav is a mystery…. and if we broke down on the way, we’d have to use a telephone box to call for help, that’s if we had the right change for the phone! In those days there was a chance some of us might even know how to fix the problem if it was under the bonnet…. could just be a case of using an old pair of tights to replace the fan belt… no chance now.

I can’t remember life without Google being particularly challenging…. but then our expectations were different… we expected to do our research from books at the library… we use it to find everything now from holidays to restaurants. Technology connects us with colleagues and friends old and new all over the globe, we can shop online [oh joy], upgrade our skills with online training and it can even encourage us to do more exercise!

For the moment I will resist the e-book option, there is nothing like opening the crisp pages of a new book and although Wii Fit can be great fun, it can’t beat the simple pleasure of a walk in the glorious Worcestershire countryside……having Googled the route and pub first of course!