A PIECE of Adam Carpets history has turned up at an auction in Canada.

Karen Farrell bought one of three identical pieces of carpet that were up for sale in Ontario. When she examined the back of the carpet she found the original label was still intact, displaying the name of the manufacturer - Adam Carpets of Kidderminster.

Eamonn Prescott, sales director of Birmingham Road-based Adam Carpets, said: “When Karen got in touch with us via our website, we were really intrigued as to what she had purchased.

“She sent us some photos and we saw that the range was called Smada. This was a woven Axminster range, the name being Adams spelt backwards.

“As the rotation number was also recorded, we were able to tell Karen that her carpet was made in 1974, some 38 years ago. Judging by the photos it still looks in wonderful condition. Karen is very pleased with her purchase.”