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My name is Denise Watson and I am an ‘expat’. In February 2006, Hubby and I decided to up sticks: I’m talking lock, stock and barrel and, well, that meant no going back. The grass always seems greener on the other side, doesn’t it but there are certain things that a ‘Brit’ can’t find elsewhere but on home ground. There’s the tourist Spain you know and then there’s the Spain we are living in, twelve hours north by car! As a qualified counsellor (I now supply my service by phone (, I had to give myself a right listening to, to get my head round this new lifestyle. The result ….. ‘did Hubby and I do the right thing?’
If you’d like to know more, please call in for a virtual cuppa at and learn that your British grass may just be the greenest!

Posted at 10:00am Tuesday 18th February 2014

The real difference between England and Spain

At last, I have found the real difference between England and Spain!

Posted at 11:00am Wednesday 4th December 2013

New adventures

New adventures, those we choose, are always so exciting, aren’t they? Initially for some, being outside of one’s comfort zone may feel a bit frightening but, like anything new (e.g. one iPhone to another), we can eventually accept the change and decide ‘well, that wasn’t so bad after all.’ With such changes, whether big or small, we grow. Depending on the type of experience (e.g. learning how to operate that new iPhone, realising a mistake about a relationship, failing an important exam etc.), we grow in understanding. From what we learn, we have a better idea of the next step.

Posted at 10:14am Thursday 17th October 2013

Spanish or not Spanish – that is the question.

Our new country will never cease to amaze us. It’s like this.

Posted at 12:00am Saturday 3rd August 2013

Where is ‘Home’?

What is it that makes somewhere ‘home’?

Posted at 9:00am Wednesday 5th June 2013

Catching the Sun and the Cheaper Prices in Spain

Spain normally rocks with tourists in the hot months of July to September, with sun lovers returning to their sun-scared homes with red or flaking skin. Yet, other than Northern Spain, the rest of this vast country can offer sunbathing temperatures in October, November and even in February and March, when prices of accommodation are very low when compared with their summer equivalents.

Posted at 10:00am Wednesday 8th May 2013

Sometimes it's the smallest of things

Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that mean so much but we don’t realise this until they’ve gone. Now being a UK expat, the things I miss most of all (after giant boxes of tea bags!) are carpets and instant heat.

Posted at 6:00pm Thursday 25th April 2013

Redundancy can have the strangest of effects

When we think of the word ‘redundancy’, we think of shortage of money and a difficult future, yet there are other forms of redundancy which have a completely different effect. I have never lost my job because of redundancy but I have felt the pain of those other forms.

Posted at 11:52am Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Sunday opening

Having now lived in the outback of Spain for seven years has confirmed something that I always suspected.

Posted at 11:00am Thursday 7th February 2013

The importance of manners

I’d like to call myself old stock and, by that, I mean that I come from a world that began before satellite connections, mobile phones, Xbox 360 games and need I go on .... I thought that everything about my world had sadly gone but, last week, I had need to do some research about manners and etiquette in Britain and that, in itself, cast me back into my childhood, when such codes of conduct were an integral part of life and society.

Posted at 5:00pm Tuesday 15th January 2013

Christmas the world over.

We’ve just pulled round from a bout of ‘festivitis’ – that’s my word for spreading ourselves too thinly over the festive period. Being expats, the question every December is ‘are we staying here or going there’? For Christmas, my heart will always be in England, not only because that is where my family is but also because other countries do Christmas so differently.

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