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Teenager. Teen. Youth. Yobbo. Hoodie. It’s so easy for meanings of words to blur together. When people hear teenager, it’s effortless to immediately think of all of them. Instead of only thinking of any young person between 13 and 19, some find it hard not to think of drugs, bad language, rowdiness, throwing trollies into rivers, hanging around bus shelters and antisocial behaviour. When really a teenager is just someone who’s over thirteen and younger than 20! I am here to represent the wider range of these so called ‘Teenagers’ from my bedroom in the Wyre Forest district and write about life from my point of view. Maybe I can convince you that we’re not all bad and some of us are quite nice really. I hope to make you laugh, to make you think and make you look at a Teenager at a bus shelter and think that they may actually be getting the bus! Take it from me, there is more to life than the inside of a hood and this is where I will write it down. Enjoy.

Posted at 11:55pm Sunday 31st March 2013

Rational Teenager: One More Thing....

OH: One last thing before RT hits the hay...

Posted at 11:41pm Sunday 31st March 2013

Rational Teenager: Top 5 Revision Distractions Of The Day

Well it's been a while hasn't it? RT's been busy with this and that but is back for good with the first of many revision- themed posts. I've got revision coming out of my ears up until 13TH JUNE when I finish for Summer. Boom. Revision can be hard but here for today are my top 5 distractions from it.

Posted at 10:00pm Thursday 31st January 2013

RT: The Rocky Horror Show

After Saturday night's antics RT thought everything had been seen. It's always amusing to see others after they've been drinking; the dance moves they will perform and the events which will occur. To name a few: a 1st Team rugby player cried because he lost his phone, a guy was found asleep under a table in the kitchens of the restaurant clutching a wooden spoon and a girl was sick in the bin outside ... well I say bin ... she aimed for the bin, her intentions were honourable. I thought I'd seen it all. Until last night when RT went to see The Rocky Horror Show at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham.

Posted at 8:43am Saturday 12th January 2013

RT: When Do You Stop Reading a Blog Post?

When you click on to a blog post, that being because it's got an interesting title or you like the writer etc, does there come a point where it's just too long and you don't even bother reading it? Do you take one look at the length and decide if you're going to read it right there, regardless of the reason why you clicked on it in the first place? Do lengths of blogs matter to the reader? RT investigates...

Posted at 7:32pm Wednesday 26th December 2012

RT: Are Fag Ends Litter?

Smoking used to be widely accepted in our society- an occupation even, and even now, when it's not so much, so many people are still smoking with the many of the younger people sweeping the health hazards under a carpet of 'YOLO'. There are cigarette ends EVERYWHERE. Do fag butts count as litter?

Posted at 4:55pm Friday 21st December 2012

RT: The Lunchbox Of A 4 Year Old

The tensest part of the school day was always lunch time. This was when we found out how much our mothers really loved us. RT's record of packed lunches weren't the best but I really feel on the whole this has lead to me being a stronger person, ready to take on anything. New mothers... take note!

Posted at 3:57pm Saturday 10th November 2012

RT: RT's Christmas Job Hunt

Being a teenager and being poor with the type of parents who do not thrust lavish and expensive gifts upon me, RT has been for the last few weeks trying endlessly to find a Christmas job. Exhausted and full of hopelessness RT has had to sit down with a cup of tea as there seems to be no one hiring for Christmas work in Kidderminster, Redditch or Bromsgrove. How can this be?!

Posted at 9:58pm Thursday 25th October 2012

RT: How Many Camels For A Well Spoken Teen?

RT is currently biding time in Turkey due to two weeks of condensed family time many would call 'half term' . Today, the weather-man lied and instead of our sunny boat trip to Marmaris and back with shopping for fake Louis Vuitton's sandwiched in the middle, we were soaked through and robbed of our sunny day. This, is what happened to RT on day 1 of Turkey.

Posted at 7:57pm Tuesday 2nd October 2012

RT: Indie? Pahahahahaa- Don't Make Me Laugh

This week RT has been musing over the new craze of being 'Indie' or 'InD' (for the really extreme ones). If you've heard the description before it's a shortening of the word 'independant' and is the new having-your-pants-on-show craze which if you remember hit quite badly a few years ago. By the way, anyone reading this who did at some point go 'baggy' and show the world your grey, old, moth eaten boxers above your jeans- I don't know what they told you in the ghetto, but seriously that was never cool.

Posted at 7:22pm Sunday 9th September 2012

RT: Inappropriate? How Much Can We Put Down To Cultural Differences?

RT recently came back from a French exchange in Corsica and had a male stranger pass a note on the plane asking for RT's mobile number. Taking into account cultural differences and the fact that RT just back off holiday probably looked older than a teenager, the debate has been going through RT's mind as to how appropriate this really is. If this was your child how would you feel?

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