Today i'm going to talk to you about the amazing trip to New York i took a few weeks ago with my family. The furthest i have ever been is Majorca, so New York was a huge deal for me i was so excited and it was the furthest i ever was from home. We arrived back just days before hurricane Sandy arrived, the weather in New York was gorgous and warm a lot nicer than the weather in the UK which was a huge bonus as it was my first time in America.


We went on the Sunday and arrived back home on the Friday, i took that many pictures it must of been around 300 or more, we did all the main attractions you would expect to find in the big apple! we went to the very top of the empire state building and the view was absolutely spectacular and the great thing was that it was at nightime which is all the more better to see the New York skyline . We had a horse and carriage ride round central park also, that was great as it was the only green space slap bang in the city it was huge, it reminded me of all the great films i had seen that had been filmed there e.g. you'v got mail, and my favourite home alone 2, but there are loads more that's what i love about New York there are so many films you can related to that have been filmed there!



We also travelled by boat to Ellis Island and saw the Statue of Liberty, that was one of the best things for me, something that is one of the most iconic statues in the world. The hotel was amazing it was a few blocks from Times square, the atmosphere there is amazing and you just can't describe it you have to have been there to know! To sum it up it was one of the best experiences of my life so far! And i will surely be returning, it's such a diverse city and i love the fast paced lifestyle it offers. Below are a selection of pictures i took whilst i was there.