If, reader, you'd read the blog preview, which you should have done, then you would know that RT is one day into a two week break in Turkey. Lucky RT? Yes, to an extent. Flying overseas is a great way to spend a break and seeing different cultures and parts of the world makes RT a very honoured teen. However, depending on who you decide (or are forced) to take a holiday with could affect the type of holiday it turns into.

Today, for example, RT took a boat trip to Marmaris (in the rain) intending to visit the Grand Bazaar to buy lots of lovely fake merchandise there- as is the custom when visiting Turkey.

Being extremely pale and having Older Sister, Younger Sister and Even Younger sister there did make us quite a spectical but it did rather accentuate the point that we were far, far from home. I actually thought I was looking quite tanned until a man sitting outside his shop shouted in his thick turkish accent, 'Why are you so white?' to Older Sister and I. Not going to lie- it really put a downer on my mood.

Shortly afterwards, a young man of probably about 20 made an offer to Extremely Stressed Dad to buy RT for a camel and picked up the phone to his father, to tell him all about the wife he'd secured himself.

Forget the wife business for starters... ONLY ONE CAMEL?

RT was wuite frankly appauled at this lack of appreciation for what this young turk saw before him.

I definitely thought I was worth more than one camel.

RT is very upset.


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