REDDITCH townsfolk are being urged to go veggie for one day a week.

The council is to be asked to declare a weekly meat-free day and residents are to be asked to sign a petition to support the move.

Meanwhile an appeal is to go out to local organisations such as schools, businesses and restaurants to collectively start now in a bid to help protect the environment and reduce the town's eco footprint.

Redditch Meat-Free Monday is a joint campaign by Redditch vegetarians, vegans and Friends of the Earth.

Campaign spokesman Kevin White said: "I am writing to every councillor in the town to ask them to support this campaign and I would urge all environmentally conscious residents to contact their local councillors, but we don't need to wait for the council to take a lead on this."

Anyone wanting to support the campaign or find out more should visit, join the Facebook group or call 458395.