THERE has been an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the announcement of the reorganisation of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals from Redditch Advertiser readers.

The governing bodies of three county clinical commissioning groups, which hold the purse string of NHS care, unanimously approved the new clinical model at a meeting on Wednesday that will see some major changes including the permanent move of all hospital births from the Alexandra Hospital to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Inpatient children's services will also be moved to Worcester, while all emergency surgery will take place at the city hospital in future.

Thousands objected to the proposals in the consultation period, and similar comments voicing disappointment at the changes were made on the Advertiser website and social media pages after this decision was made.

Andrea Berry said: "The Public Consultation was flawed in that it didn't give the people of Redditch any option but to have the changes + the questionnaire was ambiguous to say the least."

Sarah Louise Robson said: "So if my child is ill I have to drive 40 mins for a hospital when I've got one 5 mins up the road. I pay my taxes and deserve a hospital in my town. Didn't you learn after the little boy died earlier this year as he couldn't be taken to Redditch. How many deaths do u need to realise we need a hospital as Worcester is to far."

Claire Csepcsanyi said: "Disgusting. The people of Redditch have been let down time and time again. Money grabbing fat cats ruining our wonderful NHS. The Alex is first on the chopping block."

Samantha Silcock Shergold said: "They will close the Alex as I always thought it's just being done bit at a time."

Kelly Marie said: "What a god damn joke! What about people with children that don't drive? We have already had one child refused to be taken to the Alex in a emergency and passed away how many more children is it going to take eh! Everyone's lives being put at risk!"

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust say the new model will save £4.4 million year, and stress it will lead to better care for county patients.

Michelle McKay, chief executive of Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust, said she welcomed approval of the model, saying it would bring "much needed certainty" for the trust.

"We remain committed to delivering care in hospitals that thrive and work together, to provide services for the whole of the county," she added.