IN just five days 317 bids were made to Redditch Council for 10 social housing properties.

The shock figures seem to show that Redditch is suffering from a housing crisis, with a lack of affordable, decent homes.

Labour's parliamentary candidate Rebecca Blake said more needs to be done to tackle the issue.

"I’ve seen first hand that too many local people are being let down on housing," she said.

The former borough councillor is calling for politicians to tackle the crisis, saying more young people are in private rent, and homelessness is on the increase.

Ms Blake said: “I am disappointed that despite seven years of Conservative government, home ownership is at its lowest levels since 1985. More young people are in private rent and homelessness is on the increase.

"I am appalled that in just five days 317 bids were made to Redditch Borough Council for just 10 social housing properties.

She added: "When people work hard or are vulnerable the least they should expect is a safe, secure, affordable home."

Speaking earlier this year Bromsgrove's incumbent MP vowed to fix Britain's "broken housing market" after unveiling a Government White Paper to ease the property crisis.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid urged councils and developers to up their game in a critical assessment on the housing market.

The Conservative said planning laws will be watered down so there is an automatic presumption of approval to development on brownfield sites, and outlined plans to build so-called 'affordable rents' with prices 20 per cent below true market value.

He said: "With prices continuing to sky-rocket, if we don’t act now, a whole generation could be left behind."

The matter of homelessness in Redditch was recently thrust into the spotlight following a report in this paper of an encampment between Prospect Hill and Redditch Ringway, sparking concern from residents.

After the story Redditch Council bosses launched a poster campaign which questioned whether giving cash, refreshments and clothes to homeless people is actually helping them to get off the streets.

The stern campaign, both online and across the town, was lampooned by many residents saying they would continue to give to homeless people.