A MUM-to-be from Redditch has said she felt “disgusted” after discovering - via social media - that she would be unable to give birth at Redditch’s Alexandra Hospital from tomorrow and instead forced to endure a 45 minute ride to Worcester.

Laura Reece, due to give birth on Saturday, November 7, said she had been left panicked after the shock announcement on Thursday, October 29 that the maternity unit at the Alex Hospital was set to close.

All births will be transferred from the Alex to Worcestershire Royal Hospital from noon tomorrow Thursday, November 5

Miss Reece, aged 27, of Church Hill, lives a short car journey away from the hospital but now she will face at least a 45 minute journey to Worcester Royal Hospital to give birth to her son.

“A lot of women have not been told anything, we’ve all been left in the dark,” she said.

“I think it is really disgusting how they haven’t even let the mothers know.

“I found out on social media- they haven’t thought this through.

“You can imagine how panicked I was.

“A couple of months ago I heard the maternity unit would be closing. I asked the midwife they said ‘no it’s fine’”

Miss Reece, who has a three-year-old son named Brody, said she was only contacted by the hospital after a family friend, who is also pregnant, rang an advice line on the hospital’s website and passed along her details.

She said: “If I go into labour after noon on Thursday I have to go to Worcester. On a good day it is a 45 minute journey.

“I hope I have him before Wednesday,” she added.

When she asked her midwife what to do if she goes into labour she was told to call 999.

“Surely ambulances are going to be strained, she said.

“There must be many people like me people with no car. I am okay -I have got a good family and friends.

“It is supposed to be a relaxing time but it’s scary.

Speaking on the statement that the move is only a “temporary change” which will be reviewed in February, Miss Reece was sceptical and said: “They’re not going to open it up again.”