THE European Chainsaw Carving Championships will take place in the Ragley Estate as part of APF 2014, the UK’s largest forestry, woodland, trees and timber show.

The event, which is taking place on Thursday, September 18 to Saturday, September 20, has attracted 25 of Europe’s top chainsaw carvers.

Over three days carvers from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands will compete to produce the most imaginative and stunning sculptures.

They will each be given a piece of redwood timber which is more than six feet tall and three feet in diameter and weighing over a tonne.

Then using a variety of sizes of chainsaw, including specialist carving saws, they will turn this into a sculpture.

The craftsmen are allowed to use hand tools including blow torches to add the finishing touches.

The 2012 Champion, Will Lee will be defending his title against 2010 winner, Daniel Cordell.

Lord Hertford will lead the judging which is taking place on Saturday, September 20 at 1pm.

Judges will consider the artistic quality, technical skill and the use made of the whole log.

At 2pm, the trophy will be presented to the winner and after the sculptures will be put up for auction for members of the public to buy.

As well as the main competition there will be two half hour speed carves each day where six carvers compete against the clock to produce a sculpture from a smaller log.

The chainsaw carving championships at APF 2014 is just one of a series of events taking place over the three days.

The wood carving event is sponsored by A W Jenkinson Forest Products and UPM Tilhill.

During APF 2014, the The Husqvarna World 25m poleclimbing championships, horse logging, the World log to leg polelathe turning championships will also be held.

This biannual event will be the 20th Exhibition, the first was held at the Longleat Estate in 1976.

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