THE price of a Connecta travel ticket, covering bus journeys across Worcestershire, is to rise from September 1.

The County Connecta allows passengers unlimited journeys on any bus service across Worcestershire. There are also local schemes covering the urban areas of Redditch (Redditch Connecta), Kidderminster-Bewdley-Stourport (Kidderminster Connecta) and Worcester (City Connecta).

Worcestershire County Council worked with commercial operators, who fund the scheme, to develop Connecta, which was launched on April 2, 2013.

From September 1, the cost of a daily County Connecta ticket will rise from £6.50 to £6.90 and a weekly ticket goes up from £21.50 to £22.80.

The City Connecta will be £4.30 for a daily ticket and £13.80 for a weekly ticket (up from £4 and £13 respectively).

The Redditch Connecta rises to £2.50, from £2.30, for a daily ticket and to £9 for a weekly ticket compared to £8.50 previously.

The Kidderminster Connect a will be £3.20 from September 1 for a daily (up from £3) and £12.80 (up from £12) for a weekly ticket.

Councillor John Smith OBE, cabinet member for highways, said: "The prices have been reviewed both as a result of changes to commercial operators fare structures and the outcome of the recent public consultation into subsidised local bus services where the majority of responses indicated that a modest increase in fares could be considered in order to reduce the impact of any potential reductions in service.

"The Connecta still represents good value for money for those people who use more than one bus operator in their journeys.

"People who only use the services of one operator will still find it cheaper to buy that operator's own daily or weekly ticket."

Tickets can be bought on any bus or at designated travel shops and can be used on all services within Worcestershire, unless they only enter the county for a very short distance or are coach services. Details of exempt services and further details about Connecta can be found