ALCESTER Court Leet upheld their 700-year-old tradition of beer tasting by taking part the second annual Ale & Cider Trail.

On Saturday, August 23 the group visited the Lord Nelson, the Cross Keys, the Dog & Partridge and the Holly Bush.

On Monday, August 25 they visited the Royal Oak, the Turks Head, the Bear and the White Lion.

About 10 to 15 court leet officers took part in the event

Steven Brown, High Bailiff of Alcester Court Leet, said: “The court leet traditionally tried the ale to see it was of safe quality for the people to drink. Historically water was so bad everyone drank ale and ate bread.

“The court leet tasted for the quality of the ale for the town as well as the visitors.

“There were quite a lot of ales in the town you would never find, as a lot of pubs put on special ales from around the country”

In addition to administering justice, the court leet would check ale was of good quality and that meat, poultry and bread was fresh.