CHILDREN at Bidford library were visited by exotic creatures to tie in with the Summer Reading Challenge.

Each week the library has put on a different events to keep the children entertained during the summer holidays.

The animal event ran by Lion Learners, which was attended by 33 children, gave those taking part the chance to touch and ask questions about various animals including, a Chilean rose tarantula, a snow corn snake, stick insects, mice and a lizard called Abigail.

Anita Casley, director at Bidford library, said: “It was amazing children were able to ask questions themselves.

“It was something we just though the children would find interesting which is what we are trying to do to do in the holidays

“The activities keep children interested during the summer holidays and make them realise that libraries can be an exciting place to come.

“It has been very successful.”

The activities such as Totem poles making of the Native American creature, Thunderbird, minotaur maze making, salt dough art and puppet and mask making have organised by library volunteers.

The Summer Reading Challenge takes place annually and aims to keep children reading throughout the summer.

A total of 140 children signed up to the Summer Reading Challenge at Bidford library this year.