HUNDREDS of residents flocked to a poignant Great War exhibition at St Philip's Church in Webheath.

The exhibition gave people the chance to learn about what life was like for Redditch people during the war, and to learn about the ultimate sacrifice made by hundreds of Redditch men who gave their lives.

One visitor to the fascinating exhibition was Redditch MP Karen Lumley.

Mrs Lumley said: "The Great War exhibition was fascinating and poignant.

This month marked 100 years since Britain entered the First World War and We must honour those who served; remembering those who died and the extraordinary sacrifice made by a generation.

"It is also important that the anniversaries of the war improve our understanding of its causes, conduct and consequences, to ensure that the lessons learnt live with us forever.

"A total of 400 men from Redditch were killed during the war. I hope that many people were able to visit the exhibition to learn more about them, the impact of the war and how Redditch contributed to the war effort."

And she added; "Well done to the amateur researchers and local historians who gave up their time to provide this service to the people of Redditch.”

One of the event organisers, local historian Philip Jarvis, said: "It all went very well and everyone was very impressed with the exhibition.

"We had around 300 visitors and we also made £1,221 which will go towards the organ/building fund at St Philip's Church."