A REDDITCH business man has launched the world’s first ever profit-with-purpose TV shopping channel.

Steve Bennett, CEO and founder of The Genuine Gemstone Company, is the driving force behind the creation of the Equal World Foundation.

The foundation, which works with deprived communities all over the world and has Sir Richard Branson as patron, recently launched Equal World TV.

Equal World TV will be a global first of a wholly charity-owned TV shopping channel.

The aim is to provide a route to market for social enterprises as well as providing a retail platform for mainstream goods with all profits being utilised by the Equal World Foundation.

That money will go toward improving the health and education of deprived communities.

Explaining the concept of the channel, Mr Bennett said: “By the foundation establishing a direct response TV presence in over 10 million homes across the UK, it can develop its own significant revenue streams which can be devoted to its mission.

"I believe that profit-with-purpose ventures such as this demonstrate an exciting new approach to charity which will dramatically increase impact.”

The Equal World TV shopping channel is on Sky channel 652.

For more information, visit equalworld.com.