A REDDITCH based jewellery maker is experiencing an unexpected boost in sales - thanks to a sweet surprise.

Victoria Brown, fromSugar Spun Jewellery, has been getting lots of requests for jewellery to celebrate sugar anniversaries.

Traditionally, a six year wedding anniversary is symbolised by sugar, but beyond buying loved one sweets, there aren't many gift options available.

Victoria, fromChurch Hill North, said: "I've had an increasing number of orders from men in particular, who want to buy sugar wedding anniversary presents for their wives. I've had orders from all over the place, including London, Glasgow and even Finland.

"It's taken me a bit by surprise to be honest, as I hadn't even realised that the sixth anniversary was sugar, until I started getting all these orders. But it's so lovely when people come to me with an order for a special occasion - you feel like you're part of their big day.

"Especially when people come to me asking for special commissions. People seem to love the fact that the can buy a gift from me that will last for years to come."

Victoria had been making jewellery from beads and silver for some time and only recently decided to try something different, so she experimented with sugar set in resin.

She said: “I loved it straight away as the sugar can come in lots of bright colours, and as it's set in resin inside the silver, it will last forever.

"Because people seem to love the sweet theme so much, I even package the jewellery up in little stripy sweetie bags."

Victoria added: “I'm so pleased that the business is taking off, and I'm hoping to get my products stocked in shops, in addition to selling from my website and craft fairs, so that I can bring them to a wider audience."

For more information, visit spunsugarjewellery.com.