FORGE Mill Needle Museum is playing host to an exhibition which is an absolute must for all Hollywood sci-fi fans.

It's not often members of the public get to meet some of the metallic stars of the big screen, but Forge Mill has both goodies and baddies, and visitors can get close up and personal with famous names such as Robby the robot from Lost in Space, Robocop and the deadly diabolical ABC robot from Judge Dredd.

The exhibition also has firm family favourites. From Star Wars there is a life sized battle droid, R2-D2 and the head of C-3PO. And then, representing British sci, from the BBC's Dr Who, visitors can see the original Sontaran prosthetic head, and get close enough to see the superb detail on the cybercontroller (Cybermen) head.

There are many other well-known robots as well. From Aliens, the museum has the chestbusting creature, it has the head of the Sil monster from the Species movie; and the popular and life-like Sonny from 'I Robot', plus many more both large and small.

This exhibition has kindly been sponsored by Jack Don from The Museum of Movie Magic.

Entry to this exhibition is included in the normal admission price to the museum. However, for Redditch residents on Wednesdays only (when museum entrance is normally free) there is a separate charge of £2 for adults and £1 for children to visit this exhibition.

The exhibition runs until Monday, September 1.