A REVIEW by Stratford-on-Avon District Council has revealed two thirds of the content put out as waste could be recycled or composted.

The assessment showed that rubbish could be reduced by 9,800 tonnes if everyone put all their waste that could be composted or recycled into their green bin or blue-lidded bin.

It also found some residents do not realise that food waste can be put into the green wheeled bin.

Councillor Mike Brain, whose portfolio covers technical services, said: “Our District residents understand recycling and are good at it, but just by changing our habits and diverting food waste to our green bin will substantially increase recycling figures but, more importantly, reduce landfill costs. These new vehicle signs provide an excellent message to remind us how this small change in habit can make a huge difference.”

For more information visit www.stratford-dc.gov.uk.