A REDDITCH woman has proof that her campaigning endeavours have worldwide impact.

Margaret Hindle, who is one of the leading lights in the campaign to reopen the inquest into the death of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly, was joined in a silent vigil outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London by New Zealander David Appleyard last week.

It was the first time the two had met, although the Aucklander has followed and supported her Facebook-led campaign for several years.

Mr Appleyard said: “I knew the vigil to mark the 11th anniversary of Dr Kelly’s unexplained death was taking place outside the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand and I happened to be in London on business so went to join them. I can think of no better thing to do to ensure that the case of David Kelly is kept in the public spotlight.

"I’ve always admired the work that Margaret and her campaign group have done and I was delighted to meet her and fellow campaigners for the first time.

“There is global interest in how and why Dr Kelly died. Many people share the view of eminent doctors that the official explanation that he committed suicide is far from proven. Without a proper inquest into his death, people will not have the chance to make up their minds based on all the facts. If the government has nothing to hide, then it has nothing to fear from releasing all the information – some of which it has pledged to keep secret for 70 years – on which an informed judgement can be made.”

The Redditch campaigner added: “This is the second year that we have brought the case of Dr Kelly’s death to public notice on the anniversary of his death and once again we have been touched by the interest and support we have received. People are sceptical about the official version presented by the government.

“It was lovely to meet David Appleyard for the first time and to see the international interest that Dr Kelly’s unexplained death continues to generate.”

Details of the campaign to reopen the inquest, and background about the issues it raises, are posted on the group’s Facebook page facebook.com/groups/193075719823.