A REDDITCH man has been banned from a local area, received restrictions on his behaviour and will have to forfeit his council flat after a court approved an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) and a Possession Order.

Both orders were granted against Simon Hughes, aged 40, of Batchley, in his absence by District Judge Khan at Worcester County Court sitting in Redditch on Friday, July 11, following an application by Redditch Council.

The ASBO prohibits Simon Hughes from causing or encouraging anyone else to cause harassment, alarm, distress, intimidation or threats, from damaging property, and from entering Salters Lane between Hewell Road and Oak Tree Avenue and will last until a further court order is made.

The court heard that Simon Hughes’ behaviour had resulted in a string of anti-social behaviour reports and that the flat he currently rents from the council had been repeatedly and extensively damaged. The council worked with West Mercia Police to compile evidence in the case.

The Possession Order returns possession of the council flat to the council.

Liz Bellaby, anti-social behaviour manager for the council, said: “We have had to move to protect the community from extreme behaviour and prevent any further damage to council property.

“Unfortunately all of our efforts, as well as those of other agencies, to help with underlying problems in this case were unsuccessful leading to this formal action. Residents should know that where it is necessary to protect the community, the council will take these steps.”

Breaching the terms of an ASBO is a criminal offence.