A WELL-respected, honest, hard-working, good family member from Redditch threw it all away when he became involved with a notorious Gloucester drugs gang, a court heard.

Premjit Rai, 27, of Fairford Close, Redditch, was jailed at Gloucester Crown Court on Friday, July 11 for his involvement in a conspiracy to supply Class B drugs in the city.

The other gang members, including Gloucester drug baron Reuben Brissett, have all been sentenced at previous hearings and Rai, who acted as a go-between and brought samples of MCAT to show Brissett, received a 12-month prison sentence.

Brissett had been stopped travelling towards Gloucester on the M5 in October of last year and nearly £40,000 of the drug was found in the boot of his car.

Prosecuting barrister Mrs Charlottle Foley-Fisher said "There was significant mobile phone traffic between this defendant and Brissett and Rai drove down to Brissett’s home in London Road with sample of the drug prior to the deal.

"The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge at the earliest opportunity."

His Honour Judge Jamie Tabor QC said: "You have never been in trouble before and yet you find yourself caught up with Gloucester drug dealers.

"You are clearly, from the many references I have read, a hard-working, honest man from a good family, well-respected in your Asian community.

"You went to university and have set up your own business and since your mother died you have taken on the responsibility of heading your family.

"You have also been involved in much charity work and have shown genuine remorse for what you have done..

"But you put two serious drug dealers in contact with each other and had a significant role in this conspiracy."

A Proceeds of Crime Application will be heard at Gloucester Crown Court on November 18.