AN apprenticeships and skills fair held at the Kingfisher Shopping Centre has been called a huge success.

The event, organised by town MP Karen Lumley, was for 16 to 24-year-olds who may be considering an apprenticeship scheme as an alternative to college or university.

It was attended by lots of young people looking for work or training opportunities with a number of apprenticeships being created on the day.

Mrs Lumley said the aim was to make young people in Redditch more aware of what apprenticeship schemes have to offer.

Speaking after the event she said: “The apprenticeship fair was a real success, many of the businesses that we invited to come did a fantastic job in informing and educating young people in what they could achieve.

"While going around and visiting the different stalls, I saw many young people asking questions, being really enthusiastic about the apprenticeships on offer and of course picking up lots of freebies.

"Many were surprised when they learned that they did not need a degree to take advantage of any of the opportunities available. In one case a budding accountant was pleasantly surprised to learn that he could do this through an apprenticeship and without going to university."

Mrs Lumley added: "Schools play an enormous part in encouraging their younger pupils to look at their options after finishing school, and must make it clear that an apprenticeship is just as worthwhile as going to college or university.

"Even I was surprised to learn just how many apprenticeship places are available around us locally."