'HELP the Historians or Ask the Experts' is the theme of the history and heritage exhibition being mounted at Redditch Library by the Redditch Local History Society (RLHS) as part of the SO-Redditch 50th celebrations.

The first event of the festival week will bring together some of the leading historians on Redditch so that residents can get any questions they have on the town's past answered.

The history society will also be showing throughout the day old photographs of Redditch and its past residents. Many of these photographs have not been seen in public for many years and many are not captioned. So the society is seeking help from residents who remember post-war and coronation parties, the Redditch Carnival and other events in the town and will be able to identify the old photographs and who is in them.

The society will also be asking residents to leave their memories of the old town so it can continue to develop its Remember Lost Redditch website.

The SO-Redditch programme challenged organisations to hold 50 similar events with a 50 theme to showcase what Redditch has to offer.

Highlight of the SO-Redditch programme will be a week-long festival to be held during the last week of July in the town centre. Events for all the family will be held each day of the week culminating in a festival parade on Saturday, September 2.

For full details visit the SO-Redditch website at so-redditch.info

More details of the RLHS Library exhibition, taking place from 10am-4pm on July 26, and the society's activities, contact 01527 404365, email contact@redditchhistory.org.uk or visit redditchhistorysociety.org.uk.