MORE than 1,300 people put on their running shoes in the hopes of raising £40,000 for Acorns Children's Hospice.

In the ninth annual Acorns Triple Run runners of all abilities came together to help support the charity, which has its headquarters in Wythall.

1,316 people took part in the overall event, held on Sunday at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern.

The event comprised the 1km Chicken Run and the 5km half marathon.

David Strudley, chief executive of Acorns, said the event was vital to keeping the £10million-a-year hospice service running.

He said: "Every year the excitement mounts as you come towards it - you never quite know how many people are going to come and then suddenly it takes off and people get involved and it is wonderful to see the community get involved and support our little children.

"What makes it so lovely is the community itself supporting us, like the Cotteswold Dairy who give us all the water for after and the cereal bars from te Blakemore Foundation and you just know people will help and it is just because our children really need it.

"They never stop supporting but they must never stop as the children will never not need us."

For more information on how to support the charity, donate, or sign up for more events, visit