RESIDENTS who have been affected by a recent bill transaction error, and have found themselves in hardship, can get support from Redditch Council.

Bill-payers who have also found that they were charged double are reassured that their banks will refund the cash immediately though it will take a couple of days to show on their accounts. Any charges on accounts should also be discussed with banks.

This follows an error which saw card-users paying bills, on June 11, to the council over the telephone, at the cash desk or website, being charged double. This is because of a malfunction on the link between the payment site and the bank, managed by TNSLINK.

This is a separate company and channel from the council.

Head of customer access and financial support, Amanda de Warr, said: “As soon as we had realised what had happened we shut down the payment channels – though these are now open and working fully.

“I can assure residents that the second payment did not come to the council and that it will be refunded by their bank. Unfortunately this is out of our hands but we are continuing to support customers who have been left in financial difficulty as a result.”

Anyone who has found themselves in financial difficulty as a result of the double payment can call 01527 64252.