WATCHING the World Cup in Brazil will be thirsty work. So, as people down a tinny or two, they are being asked to spare a thought as to what happens next to that can or bottle.

Worcestershire currently diverts approximately 44 per cent of household waste from landfill but during National Recycle Week the council wants to pump up the heat and get everyone recycling more.

As well as drinks cans and bottles the kerbside recycling collections accept other plastic containers such as margarine tubs, yogurt pots, fruit punnets, paper, egg boxes, cake and pastry trays and jars .

The annual recycling push, National Recycle Week runs from June 16 to 22. This year it is calling for everyone in the county to keep up the good work. The county council, in partnership with district, borough and city councils are reminding people the best way to make sure their recycling efforts count with a range of best practice tips

People don't need to remove the labels as this is done as part of the recycling; keep paper flat; remove plastic wrappers from paper; flatten cardboard boxes and tubes; remove inner packaging and rinse food containers, bottles and cartons as food remnants can attract vermin.

There are lots of ideas on how you can reduce the waste which residents throw away on the Lets Waste Less website including best practice tips and information about the household recycling centres dotted over the county.

Councillor Anthony Blagg, cabinet member for environment and waste, said: "Recycling rates in Worcestershire are already very good, but we think Worcestershire can do even better and recycle even more. Recycle week is a fantastic way of reminding residents what can now be recycled in Worcestershire and to thank people for all their efforts."

So before heading off to enjoy the match, maybe think twice about what happens to the can or bottle your drinking and pop it in the

For more information on how to reduce waste visit