A MUSIC magazine devoted to local as well as national bands is sadly coming to an end, of sorts, after 20 years.

Black Velvet rock magazine is lovingly produced and printed in Webheath but from next month will only continue with an online presence.

The magazine, available in the Redditch Train Station newsagents, will run one final printed issue (issue 81) which will be out at the end of July.

Speaking about the decision to stop printing, editor Shari Black Velvet, said: "I’ve decided to do this for a few reasons – one being my day job has changed and now I work at home so it’s harder to get to the post office to mail issues out all the time.

"Also, I want more people to read my interviews and articles as I put a lot of effort into them and am proud of them. Unfortunately less people buy music magazines these days, obviously with the economical climate the way it is people don’t have the money to spare and want to read things for free.

"I’m hoping it will become more successful as an online magazine – hopefully it will become more well known."

She added: "I may still get a small number printed to give out to the bands I interview, so they can see a proper printed copy. But for the most part I’m excited for the new digital chapter of Black Velvet to begin."

The penultimate printed Black Velvet, a 20th anniversary special, is available now and includes an interview with MisterNothing, fronted by Mitchel Emms who appeared on The Voice last year, as well as a look back on some of the magazine's highlights.

It also includes interviews with bands Within Temptation, We Are The In Crowd, Taking Back Sunday and Less Than Jake.

For more information, visit blackvelvetmagazine.com.