A WYTHALL veterinary clinic was astounded to receive an unusual patient through its doors - a ferret who had been thrown out with the rubbish.

YourVets on Alcester Road took a call from a client who found the furry critter in a dustbin cupboard and didn't know what to do.

Animal nursing assistant Fiona Wilkins came to the rescue to collect the ferret, whom she affectionately named Dusty, and a check up at the clinic found that he was extremely dehydrated and underweight.

After being put on a drip to rehydrate him, Fiona and a vet fed Dusty a special food high in protein and fat to help him gain strength and build up his muscles, and he made a full recovery.

Fiona then took 10 month old Dusty home to be fostered to ensure he was fighting fit before looking for his permanent home.

She said: “When I first found Dusty, he was so weak and shaky, and had clearly not been looked after for a while – but after just 24 hours of care he was like a different ferret. He became very rambunctious and playful, and whilst fostering him I fell in love with him.

“No one came forward to claim him and no one wanted to take him in, so I decided to re-home Dusty to live with me.

“He is now extremely lively and friendly, despite his awful experience. He enjoys playing with the other ferrets he lives with and has never looked back. I’m so pleased to have helped an animal in need and to have gained a new furry friend. ”

For advice on caring for a ferret, call the clinic on 01564 823825.