TWO long-term empty and dilapidated Redditch properties will become homes again after action by Redditch Council.

The properties in Clent Avenue and Felton Close have stood empty for many years and become dilapidated, causing local concerns.

But they are now on track to come back into use after the council invoked seldom-used powers to compulsorily purchase them for the public benefit.

Such situations are normally resolved through negotiation. However the disamenity and risks to public safety caused by the poor condition of these properties over a long period of time resulted in the council’s executive committee asking the Secretary of State to confirm Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO).

Subsequently the property in Clent Avenue was sold on the open market in a deal completed on April 22, the condition that outstanding problems are put right within 12 months of the sale.

And the Felton Close property was taken into council ownership on April 17 and has been added to Redditch’s housing stock. It will be made available for social rent when the necessary renovation is completed.

Deputy chief executive Sue Hanley said: “The borough council actively supports the full and appropriate use of all properties in Redditch, as well as working to solve the problems that long-standing derelict properties can cause for local communities. The CPO is very much a last resort in these circumstances but both of these properties can now have a useful future.”

The Compulsory Purchase Act 1965 ensures that appropriate recompense is made available to the original owners of any compulsorily purchased property.