A REDDITCH re-use charity has made a heartfelt plea for help after it suffered a devastating setback.

Boomerang aims to prevent goods and resources from going to landfill by passing them on to others at affordable prices, particularly families on low incomes.

It also provides a free service to those in need and promotes re-use and recycling within the Redditch community.

Recently, one of its volunteers drivers drove the charity's delivery and collection van under a low bridge and it is no longer roadworthy.

So the charity is appealing to anyone in the area who could give them the use of a van, free-of-charge, for a few weeks.

A spokesman said: "The insurance won't be sorted out for about four weeks. I know this might not seem a lot but to our small charity, it is a devastating blow.

"Without being able to collect or deliver we will barely be able to function and a lot of people we want to help simply won't get our help.

"We would be so grateful if anyone could help us out until we get things sorted out with our insurance company."

The van which was damaged was a Ford Transit High Loader, which could fit in three piece suites etc, but the spokesman said at the moment, the charity would be grateful for any size of van.

Anyone who thinks they can help can call Pauline Thorne, the charity's manager, on 01527 68250.