AN elderly Redditch women who was given a life sentence of pain and discomfort and feared she would end up in a wheelchair has got life back - after being told told there was nothing that could be done.

Four years ago Ava Honeycutt, 69, was told that her spine was rapidly curving to the right.

She was told that she had scoliosis and that if her condition continued to progress she would need to undergo a nine hour operation which would involve having metal rods fitted down her back.

The major operation is an incredibly risky procedure which involves the rods being inserted either side of the spine, before the spine is fused solid.

After endless X-rays and appointments with various specialists Ava was told that there was nothing anyone could do for her.

Fearing she would end up in a wheelchair due to the excruciating pain she was ready to give up.

She said: "The last few years were extremely scary; being in so much pain you think you will end up in a wheelchair is terrifying.

"I came so close to ending up in a care home, where I would have needed round-the-clock care. I have always wanted to try and stay out of a care home for as long as I possibly can."

However, at this time, when she crippled over in pain on a daily basis, she saw a news feature regarding a clinic in London called Scoliosis SOS.

After attending an initial consultation with one of the clinic’s consultants Ava decided to book in for an intensive four week course of treatment - it not only helped her physically but it also did wonders for her mind and how she felt about what she looked like.

Speaking about the changes it made she said: "I literally feel about 10 years younger, I have my flexibility back and I am back in control.

“Being pain free has given me a new lease of life. I feel so much better about my body and have gained so much confidence.

"I cannot wait to get back in the garden this summer. I love spending time outside, and have missed out on a lot of the nice weather over the past few years due to the pain I was experiencing."

Following the treatment, which involves daily exercises, Ava has noticed an improvement in her posture and physical appearance and is pain free for the first time in years.