A FORMER Redditch vicar who formed his Ministry of Elvis after quitting his job has followed up his Peaceline walk in Belfast with a charity concert in the Shankill Road.

More than 250 people turned up to the concert, from both sides of the divide, which Andy Kelso described as a "miracle".

Mr Kelso said: "The police were there in case of any trouble but there was none.

"The whole point of my going over in February to walk the Peaceline and to visit shops and businesses and do 10 media interviews was to promote this concert with a view to getting both Catholics and Protestants together because of their joint love of Elvis.

"But getting them together was going to be tough. Where I did the concert was right on the Peaceline and the police opened the gate between the two communities which is normally closed at weekends. It was a real privilege to see people from both communities come together and who knows how this can develop."

He said he and organisers were thrilled that more than £3,000 was raised for the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice and added that he hoped to go back again for another concert and to build more bridges.